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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Simon Wiesenthal-December 31, 1908– September 20, 2005

Friday saw the burial of a great man. Simon Wiesenthal died this past Tueasday in his sleep, at his home in Vienna. He was layed to rest here in Israel on Friday.

Wiesenthal was credited with helping to bring more than 1,100 nazi war criminals to justice. These included Adolf Eichmann, an architect of the Holocaust, and Franz Stangl, commandant of the Treblinka and Sobibor Nazi death camps in Poland. Eichamnn remains the only person sentenced to death in Israel.

In 1977 the Simon Wiesenthall Center was named in his honor. The center promotes awareness of anti-Semitism and racism. It also monitors neo-Nazi activity and helps bring surviving Nazi war criminals to justice.


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