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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I 25! Bingo!...Or Should I Say- Blingo!

If you search on Google then I have found the site for you! Take a little Bling-Bling, mix it together with Google and what do you get? The answer is Blingo! What is Blingo? Blingo is a search engine that uses the Google API. English: It's exactly the same as google with a different interface. When you search on Blingo, you are searching google. So why switch to Blingo. Well the Bling Bling of course. Every month Blingo gives away prizes to people who search with their site. Every day a computer program randomly selects times and if you happen to be searching at that time you could win a prize. They give away iPods, portable DVD players and other great prizes.

But wait! It gets better! When you register as someone's friend, when you win, your friend wins the same thing! So click the link below and start winning some prizes! Then get your friends to join and win even more!

If you are dubious of this site, as I was, then I urge you to browse their site. Read the literature. They have received a lot of press recently. I know people who have one from this site and it seems to have built it's own sub-culture with people taking pictures of their Blingo won prizes, and posting it on their blog.

Sign Up for Blingo!


At 8:37 PM, April 17, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blingo is very cool. I just found a similar site called SearchChips. Become my friend, it's free!



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