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Monday, March 27, 2006

Irish Chocolate Anyone?

This past weekend I checked out two new places. The first was Molly Bloom's in Tel Aviv and the second was Max Brenner's in Herzelia Pituach.

Thursday night, five of us decided to go out and try a new place. Ilan H, suggested a place called Leo Bloom's in Ramat HaHayal. Leo Bloom's is an Irish Pub but it looked kind of like a cafe from the outside. It was crowded and some of the group wasn't crazy about the place so we headed on over to Molly Bloom's in Tel Aviv, right around the corner form my usual bar, Mike's Place. Molly's, unlike her brother, has more of an Irish Pub feeling. The music wasn't quite as authentic as I would have expected (Well I guess U2 is Irish) but the place had the look and feel of an Irish Pub (not that I've ever been to Ireland). Naturally, I had an Irish beer, a Guinness, and we relaxed and talked till the early hours of the morning.

Saturday night I went to Aroma with some friends where I got my usual, a Halumi sandwich. It's a sandwich made on thick white bread with fried cheese, pickles, tomatoes and cream cheese inside. Sounds gross, eh? Don't knock it till you try it! Highly recommended! Later that night, Katz, Nadiv and I weren't yet tired and we ended up in Herzelia Pituach. We decided to go to Max Brenner's as I had never been there and it wasn't too crowded on a Saturday night at 12:30am. Max Brenner's is a cafe where everything is based on chocolate. From hot chocolate to chocolate milkshakes, chocolate soups and fondues to Belgian waffles with chocolate, everything there looks delicious. I got an orange hot chocolate which was delicious if you like the bitter taste of dark chocolate and orange peel (which I did by the way). Katz got an Oreo milkshake (also good) but the prize for oddest drink goes to Nadiv with the Mexican hot chocolate, which had also caught my eye. When the waitress didn't suggest it as for Max Brenner virgins, I fell back on the orange. Nadiv, however, was strong and brave and went through with el Mexicano. The Mexican hot chocolate combines the sweet taste of chocolate with the spicy, savory tastes of chili, pepper and cinnamon. Definitely and interesting flavor and my choice next time.

So if you're ever in the area, why not check out one of my new favorite places? Molly and Max are always very welcoming.


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Great post good writing!


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