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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Climb On My Boy!

This past weekend was so crazy. I've barely had a minute to breathe I have been so busy. I was on vacation Thursday and Sunday and I really feel I did stuff this weekend. Wednesday night I met up with a birthright friend in Tel Aviv. We went a bar on the beach (the tables and chairs are in the sand) called La Mer. It's directly across from Mike's Place. I ordered a mango juice because I was driving. For 12 shekels they could have at least poured it into a glass. When I got the same can of mango juice I buy on base for 2.50 I wasn't so impressed. At least let me feel like I'm getting quality! Give me one of those umbrellas, or a sword with a cherry and lime!

Thursday night saw The Transporter 2 with Nadiv and Katz. Wasn't the slightest bit believable but the action was pretty good. An enjoyable movie if your looking for a movie where you can turn off your brain and jus enjoy the violence and explosions.

Friday morning I went with Katz to the beach in Tel Aviv where we also met up with my birthright friend. We ended up meeting the dean of the engineering school at Columbia (who is Israeli) while we were there because he was in town for 48 hours. It was a little weird showing up to this cafe to meet him in a tank top and wet bathing suit, but they told us that it was ok.

Saturday night Katz and I went to Tel Aviv at 1:30 am and decided to try a new bar. We went to a place called Starsky on Allenby street. Really liked the place. The bartender never let our bowl of pretzels get empty. He also whipped out a lighter to light another person's cigarette which I thought was really classy. Very old-school bar-tender.

Sunday morning I was up early. Katz and I got a ride with his mom to Tel Aviv at 10. We walked all the way up Allenby, around Shuk HaCarmel and that whole area. We then walked all the way down Shenkin (a big shopping street) ended up at Even Gvirol Street (another big street with lots of cafes) and eventually made it to Park HaYarkon, which was our goal the whole day. I successfully walked almost all the places that I know in Tel Aviv. I didn't realize that all these places were so close together, I had never seen them in the same context. At Park HaYarkon we went rock climbing at an outdoors climbing gym called Olimpus. We had a really good time even if we came home a little sun burned and completely drained of energy.


At 7:12 AM, July 11, 2006, Blogger RClikethecola said...

i'm moving to israel in a week so was checking out blogs. love your blog.
we have the same b day.

At 10:49 PM, July 12, 2006, Blogger Ben said...

Thanks for the comment and compliment. Glad you like the blog. Good luck with the move! If you need anything when you get here, drop me an e-mail.

BTW: You're the first person I've met who has the same b-day as me.


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