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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Justice The Protector Retires

Today is the end of an era. Not only is it Canada Day, it is also the day my favorite member of the Halifax (the city where I used to live in Canada) Regional Police retires. His name is Justice The Protector and no he's not an escaped mental patient running around in his underwear saving lives, he is a police horse.

Why do I have such fond feelings for this steed? It all starts back in 1993. The HRP was getting a new horse and they had a competition to decide the horse's name. Fist prize was (if I remember correctly) a $1000 scholarship for university. At the time, I believe I was a third grader. I wasn't really thinking about university, but you know, money, the excitement of competition; I decided to enter. I wanted to come up with a smart name, but also a smooth one. A name this young stallion could wear with pride. A name that would instill fear in the criminals and a name to melt all the cute mare's hearts. I did a little research, and came up with the name Sable.

Sable Island is a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia (the province that Halifax is in) and is actually administratively considered part of Halifax. This small sandbar (it's name comes from the French word for sand) of an island is home to over 250 wild horses. In the past many wild horses were taken to work in the coal mines of Cape Breton Island (another part of Nova Scotia).

Despite my well thought up name and what I thought- very suitable name for a Halifax police horse, I only came in second place. Sable's name would forever be Justice The Protector, a name I thought (and still do) more suitable for the escaped mental patient. As for my prize- not even a $500 or $250 scholarship. I got, drum roll please: a baseball hat, a frisbee and a water bottle. Score. I still got recognized at the naming ceremony, which I missed school to attend with my teacher. Sidenote-who was teaching class? I think I still have the cap somewhere too.

So today my buddy Sable (or JTP, pick your side) retires. I wish him the best of luck with his new family. Good luck to Rio, his replacement.

[Edit 07/05/2006]

Turns out Rio' sname was changed to Sarge, short for Duty Sergeant. So from one Sarge to another: Good Luck!

[Original News Story] [Sarge's Name Change]


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