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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Too Much Holiness

This past Monday I went on a trip with the army to Jerusalem as part of a project called "Project Moriah". When a survey found that only about 50% of soldiers had ever been to Jerusalem and the Western Wall, the army decided to make that a priority. Armed with donated money and a goal, the army set out to have every soldier have a guided tour of Jerusalem. What a wonderful idea, in theory anyway.

My complaint comes when this is my second trip of this kind I have been on when there are people on my base that haven't. The trip became something of a burden. They had to find people to fill the slots allocated to us and for various reasons I won't go into, many of us were second time trippers when there are lots of people on my base who haven't gone.

Any reason to get away from my base for a day is great but I think I've had a little too much of the holy city. Between two Moriah trips, two birthright trips and another completely separate trip with my base, I've seen the garbage filled streets of Jerusalem a little too much in the past year and a half. (Don't get me wrong. I think Jerusalem is an important city, and I will elaborate on this at a later date.)

Anyway, we toured around Jerusalem, did the tunnel tour again and visited the Wall. This time I tried to actually pay attention and I think I absorbed a little more than usual, so I'm happy. I also got a ride home, and that made me even happier- so sad.


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