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Monday, September 25, 2006

Popeye Would Be Ashamed

I'm looking through the headlines the other day when I come across the following headline on CNN:

Toddler may have eaten bad spinach before he died

This is no laughing matter. It's hard to get kids to eat spinach at the best of time, now who's gonna touch their vegetables?

Billy: Hey Suzy, did you hear about Timmy? His mom made him eat spinach and it killed him!
Now that I've sealed my place in hell for making light of the death of a child, I want to share with you a paragraph from the same website, essentially buying me a VIP ticket on the first elevator down.

Of those infected in the outbreak, 88 have been hospitalized, including a Wisconsin woman who died. Two other deaths have been reported in suspected cases -- a child in Idaho and an elderly woman in Maryland -- but those cases are still being investigated.(Watch grieving parents search for answers -- :32)
Notice the blue link. Watch grieving parents search for answers?!? What, it's not bad enough that this poor couple's child was killed by spinach, CNN now goes and makes a reality show where we can watch the grieving parents search for answers? What has the media in America come to? People are suffering and anyone can just tune in to the net and watch them. And it's all brought to you by our moral friends over at Time Warner.