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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pentagonal Powwow

Monday I was invited to the Israeli equivalent of the American Pentagon for a meeting. It's a really nice base. They actually have grass! I had been there once already, about a half a year ago, to use their laser shooting range (see post) but was never inside the main building. I was excited to see signs in the elevator directing you the Ramatcal's (Chief of General Staff) office. This was a very important meeting, but it was hardly about national security, and Danny didn't attend. My meeting shared its topic with many of my posts- Birthright.

Being an alumnus (technically twice over) of Birthright, I along with about ten other soldiers, was invited to meet with the woman in charge of the Mifgash for all of birthright. She asked us many questions about our experience, what we learned, ways to improve the program, and things we particularly liked about the program. I was very vocal (read: didn't shut up) as I feel very strongly about this program.

Sidenote: If you don't know what birthright is, head on over to their website and read about it. If you do know what it is, registration for this winter's trip is already open so head over to the registration page and get registered if you are eligible. I highly recommend Shorashim [official site] as the world's best trip organizer, but I am biased.
Anyway, the meeting was interesting and it was good to reminisce about my trip(s). An added bonus was that one of the guys from my second trips was also at the meeting so I got to sit and chill in his office with him for a while, afterwards.

After the meeting, in true jobnik spirit, I went with Ilan H. across the street to Azrieli Mall and got lunch. Mmmm, fried cheese sandwich.


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