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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Home for Elections

Last Thursday I was told that this week I didn't have to go back to Gaza for disengagement stuff and so I was really happy. Then Saturday night at 12:30 am I get a call saying that there's a call up and that I have to come in Sunday morning. I was pretty pissed, cause this meant I had to go home and pack for the next week. I was in the middle of watching The Machinist, (which I quite liked although the others didn't like so much and were kinda pissed at me for picking out) and the news left me annoyed for the rest of the movie. Anyway, I got to come home last night because today are the elections for the new mayor. I'm not entirely sure who to vote for. I had been really torn between Broida and Hofri, but the two of them have done so much mudslinging this election that I think I'm just going to vote for Uzi Cohen. They're all corrupt politicians anyway but at least Uzi hasn't been mudslinging and he has been vice mayor for 17 years and on city council for at least as long. Plus, he hasn't screwed up Ra'anana yet in the past few months since he's been the default mayor so he can't be that bad. My only real other option is to write in Ficus.

Heading back to Gaza in an hour or two, so in the mean time I'll leave you with these pictures I took there on my cellphone.

"Caution! Tank Crossing"
"Barrier Ahead"- Just before Kisufim Crossing, and entrance into the Gaza strip.


At 12:50 PM, September 02, 2005, Blogger Mark L said...

We want more pix!


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