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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Faith in humanity

Every once in a while my faith in humanity gets somewhat shaken. Recently I've felt pretty strongly about disengagement and the surrounding topics (read about them in my previous post). A lot has happened in the past week and a half. I haven't really been home to write anything but a lot of thoughts have run through my head. I haven't been in contact with any newspapers, but every once in a while I could find a group of people mesmerize by a TV tuned in to the news. Some of the thing I saw truly shocked me.

What were these protestors thinking?! Throwing acid on soldiers and cops?! These people are their brothers and sisters! They're their fathers and their sons! What runs through someone's head as he throws acid or even paint for that matter on his neighbor!? It makes it very difficult to support that side, even in a civilized discussion when I see what they have resorted to. I've heard first-hand accounts of people getting they're tires slashed simply for being there. I've seen soldiers get punched, their water bottles torn away. It hurt me to see what some of those people did to their boys (and girls) in uniform. Not to mention the psychological damage some of them sure caused to their small children when they had to be physically removed from their houses kicking and screaming. While I feel for these people, the end surely doesn't justify the means!

It's important for me to state that most of this isn't done by the residents themselves. It's mostly teenagers and young adults that sneak in to protest and do these horrible things. Many of them are my previous classmates. They are the ones defiling the holiness of a Synagogue by causing fights in them. But who do we blame? If Palestinian terrorist are snuck into Israel's borders by Israeli Arabs or even by Jewish Israelis (such as what happened in the recent attack in Natanya) surely the smuggler is partially responsible. Then too shouldn't the residents who sneak these anger-filled teenagers past the checkpoints using their children's IDs and passes, be held partially responsible for the havoc and chaos caused in recent weeks?

Every once in a while my faith in humanity gets shaken, and every once in a while it gets strengthened. Bellow are two links to stories I stumbled on that restored at least some of my faith in humanity and made me smile. If your faith needs a little strengthening, check them out.

Homeless women returns lost purse
Judge returns bribe


At 6:49 PM, August 25, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now, you do realize that the "Judge returns bribe" 'story' is a joke, right?......

At 12:50 AM, August 26, 2005, Blogger Ben said...

The first story is actually what prompted me to write this post and then that story led me to the joke and it made me smile (which is why it's there). Everyone knows in real life the judge wouldn't have returned the bribe ;) But thank you for pointing out the obvious, Anonymous.


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