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Sunday, July 31, 2005


I went to the Casino tonight for the first time. Went with my dad and spent 20$ on slots. It was a lot of fun. I can see myself getting adicted to that. I at one point i had doubled the 5$ i put in but then lost it. I then one pretty big and decided to cash out. At the last second i said, "one more time." Which naturally meant that i lost. I ended up cashing in at 19.25$, so i actualy only lost 75 cents. We then sat in traffic fo rlike half an hour trying to leave the damn parking garage! My dad got in a big fight with the tollbooth guy cuz he didn't wan't to pay for the extra half hour. In the end we got the management's number and payed the cash. My Dad's not gonna let this rest, on principle.

On the way to the Casino we also saw about 20 minutes of fireworks. It's Natal Day Weekend here in Halifax, so there are celebrations here until Monday.

That's basically all I have to report. Good luck to Gross on his Giyus today. All the best, I hope you get where you want. Stay safe.


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