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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Oh, Baby! Three Day Vacation!

Today was the last day before a three day vacation for Rosh Hashanah. No army till Thursday as long as everything is smooth. Got a little goofy today with an amp that we had in our office after there were a bunch of speeches in the morning (see below pictures-which came out abnormally small, but hey that's my piece of shit cameraphone). I got a certificate of appreciation for my work during the disengagement. I also got a card and gift (wheel shaped key chain) from my COs for getting my license, which was really nice of them. My CO Lior also gave me a Rosh Hashanah card in the shape of a "Tofes Tluna" which is a form ("Complaint Form") an officer gives you when you screw up and he wants to try you for something (from mouthing off to sleeping on guard duty). He's always joking with us that he's going to give us each one so he wrote up fake ones as cards.

Day went by pretty quickly and I got out of there just after four. It took me 2 hours to get home (and that was with a ride part way) because there were ridiculous traffic jams.

I picked up my paper license from my driving teacher tonight so I could normally drive now but there's some whole big thing I have to deal with customs and insurance. Probably won't be till next week.

Heading out to meet Katz, Nadiv and Ren and Nadiv's place to finally watch the last few episodes of "the OC" that we never got around to watching because of army and other things that run our lives. Good Night!


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