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Monday, September 12, 2005

My day in the situation room

Today was not a very eventful day. Went to Bat Yam, a city near my base in Yafo. Had to help dismantle a situation room that was no longer being used. Not sure when it was last in use, I have never been there so I would say at least a year. It was annoying manual labor, mostly carrying tables, chairs, desks,etc. Up stairs and loading it on a truck. The whole place stank of urine and rat feces was everywhere. Not my idea of good working conditions. Then went to my base, worked for about 20 minutes on some virus problems while waiting for the truck to arrive, and then unloaded it. I was lucky and allowed to go home early when I finished, so I worked hard and fast and got out of there at about 12ish. The bus from Tel Aviv home was really fast today (in both directions actually) and I made it home at about 1, which was a welcome change. Mostly wasted my afternoon playing on my computer. Installed an extra hard drive instead of my burner (it wasn't working anyway). I think that's all I have to share about my day, gonna go to bed early tonight. Good Night all.


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