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Monday, October 03, 2005

Rosh Hashanah

Tonight is Rosh Hashanah. The Jewish New Year. A time for new beginnings. I never really liked this time of year. It makes me think too much. About life and religion. God and mortality. I never seem to be able to get my head around these things and thinking about them usually gives me a headache. My dad said that this time of year makes you confront your mortality. I'm not quite sure why this bothers me so much. I think it's the lack of knowing, the unanswered questions. Life and religion are just so confusing and I hate not understanding something. So much so that when there is something I don't understand I may stay up all night trying to understand it. In this situation this leads to some problems because these questions don't really have answers. There are no real objective answers about God or life. Only religion's look at them. So for now I guess I'll have to stick to the only simple answer for the meaning of life I have found- 42. And even that, I don't understand.

A few links for you for this New Year:

Try and understand some of the oddities of the Israeli culture- learn about the Israeli "Arse" in this humorous clip.

Learn about Palestinian propaganda from this brilliant clip that uncovers some of the deception. Either stream it or download it (in your choice of two file types). It's big and 18 minutes long but well worth watching!

Here's to a healthy and safe New Year! Happy New Year!


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