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Monday, November 14, 2005

Of Prime Ministers and Physicists

Today is the anniversary of Yitzchak Rabin's assassination. We had a small ceremony one base. It was interesting. The Home Front Command Choir came and sang the standard "Sad Songs" along with Hatikva-the Israeli National Anthem. I thought the ceremony was pretty meaningful and I had shivers when they played a sound byte of when the PMs death was announced. The ceremony was cheapened though, with too many fake gunshot effects and a corny echo effect. It almost made a joke out of it and many people were fight back laughter.

In other news (not really news, I guess) I went to a lecture tonight by Gerald Schroeder. Dr. Schroeder is a physicist and biblical scholar who gives lectures and writes books having to do with science and religion. I have his book "The Science of God" and after reading it and hearing him speak, there is no doubt in my mind the man is brilliant. I highly recommend his books to everyone interested in science, religion or both. I only wish I could have learned under him during his days teaching at MIT.


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