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Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Crime Spree

Boo! Happy Halloween! I've gone back in time by a day to post my Halloween post because I ran out of time on the 31. It's amazing what you can do through the power of the PC. It's not a scary Halloween post cause I don't really have anything scary to say. Anyway, like last post I'll start by talking about my not so interesting life and then get to the actual post title.

The past two days I' have been staying up too late to watch episodes of the West Wing, which I am now quite hooked on, that I have been getting from Ren. Tonight I was going to go out with Ilan H. Ren and Katz but it never happened. I had wanted to go out because it's Halloween and we haven't gone out out in a few weeks. The only place ot go on an American holiday is Mike's Place, which is one of my favorite bars to go to because it has a cool atmosphere, including English speakers and good blues/chill out music. But alas, Ilan wasn't going to be ready till after 11 something and Ren could only go out after ten. I had wanted to be on the way by ten so as to leave at 12 or so (which would turn into 1230-1) so I could at least get a semi good night's sleep before going to the army today. Long story short, didn't go out at all and stayed home watching West Wing.

As for the title, it's not really a crime spree and it had nothing to do with Halloween but I like the dramatic title anyway. It's actually two short stories involving police that I wanted to share.

The first happened last week on Simchat Torah (I think) at night. I was hanging out on a street corner with Katz talking when we heard someone talking on a loudspeaker-bullhorn thing. We then hear a siren and some honking. The suddenly two guys on a moped came zooming up the road followed closely by a cop car. At first I thought the guy on the moped was also a cop because he had a yellow fluorescent jacket on. Anyway, the moped zoomed through the traffic circle we were standing at and sparks flew everywhere. Then the cop car did the same, showering the circle with even more sparks and making quite a bit of noise. Then they zoomed off and we heard the cop yell to the moped to pull over, which I don't think he did. We just kind of stood there in shock, as did a group of people walking across the street. Don't know what happened and heard nothing else the rest of the night.

The other story happened yesterday. I and a couple of army friends were standing by the window in the hall right outside my office. We heard some sirens and looked out the window. Just behind our base a jeep of Magavnikim (border police) had pulled over a car and ordered the driver out. Four Magavnikim got out and the jeep drove off. They talked to the driver for a few minutes and then the jeep came back, they loaded the driver in, in handcuffs, and drove off. That was that. Also, no idea what happened with that.

Those are my two police stories for this Halloween. Not quite a crime spree but close enough. Happy Halloween!


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