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Thursday, October 20, 2005

The First Rain a Cometh

Today (well actually yesterday at this point) we got our first real rain. It was pouring this morning before I got out of bed and it was really relaxing. I love the rain. Then it was gorgeous out and you wouldn't know it rained. And then it poured again. If you looked up to the sky you could see some rain clouds and perfect blue. Every once in a while a cloud would pass over and like in the cartoons you would have rain for a few minutes and then it would pass.

I then went to the Roladin factory in Kadima, on a tour. Roladin is a chain of bakeries. Didn't really want to go but didn't have much choice. It was kind of interesting how they do everything and we made some cookies which we got to take home-free baked goods is always a plus, but I prefer croisants.

Did some stuff around the house. Ordered pizza. Went to see a movie at Ren's with Nadiv and Katz. They brought me there under false pretenses, they hadn't really rented a movie, they rented the West Wing. I actually enjoyed it a bit even if I didn't understand what the hell was going on or who each person was. We watched 5 episodes and i got home bout 30 minutes ago. Doubt I'll watch the rest of the episodes they rented, but who knows.


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