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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sukkot- the Holiday when People with Houses Live in Shacks Made of Sheets

It's Sukkot. I've found lately that the Jewish holidays I used ot love have somehow lost their magic to me. Don't know why. Maybe I'm growing up or maybe you just get sick of it after a while.

Ate at Nadiv's place last night along with my family, his family, Katz, Ren and Candy. Had a good time. Then chilled at Ren's for a while. On the way over the guys stopped a a friends from school's sukka to say hi. Didn't really want to go but Katz had said he would stop by and since it was on the way I said "What the hell" (to myself of course). We stayed for about 20 minutes of which 18 were spent hearing them sing and talk religious things. The last two minutes were spent hearing about the fights they got in with soldiers during the disengagement and how they got thrown in jail. That was our cue to exit before we got into a few fight of our own.

We didn't go out tonight. Cut Katz's hair. Ordered in Burgers Bar. Tasty as usual. Nothing else to say. End of post.


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