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Friday, October 28, 2005

Would-Be Bomb Makers Blow Themselves Up-"Work Accident" Near My Base

This past Wednesday three people were killed when a bomb went off in their apartment. It's hard to feel sorry for them though; they were making a bomb. [Read the story] This happened in Jaffa pretty close to my base, about a 5 minute drive away.

This experience was pretty cool, because I happened to be guarding soon after, on my base. That meant that I got to listen in on the radio conversations going on while different search and rescue teams got sent in. Since my base is the Homefront Command base for the Dan District, we were the ones sent there from the army (in addition to a K9 unit, police, etc.). There were plenty of interesting things to hear.

The would-be bombers had criminal intentions. Almost surely a mob hit. For this, their fate to me is not so important. Terrorists on the other hand; I lean towards hoping they have "work accidents" as opposed to killing innocent people.

Photo: Zaka


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