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Friday, November 11, 2005

Saw has Been Seen but I Have Not

Well a few e-mails of come in and yes I know, I've been neglectful over the past few days. But don't worry, I have excuses.

Last Saturday night I went to a beach party thrown by Adam and David. Met a lot of new people. Had a really great time but don't remember it all that well. Possibly because of the unusually large amount of alcohol I consumed. I have blogged since then but I had a good time so I added that too.

Next, Tuesday night I met up with Ren and Katz to watch a movie. Ren's cousin watched with us and Ilan H joined in the middle too. We watched Saw (hence the title of this post). I thought the movie was great. People have been telling me how great a movie it is for a while now and I just haven't gotten around to seeing it. From people had told me about it, I had compared it to a mix of Seven, Cube and The Bone Collector. I think that was a pretty accurate comparison. The movie starts with some really bad dialogue and some pretty cheesy acting but from the start I loved the idea behind the movie. The middle gets better with the dialogue improving although you ask yourself what the hell the writers were smoking during some scenes. The end of the movie is amazing though. Just when you think it was a pretty good movie the end really drives it home as a truly great movie (with a few flaws). It totally made my list of favorite movies and you should go see it.

Wednesday I was abducted by aliens. They put me in this contraption that immobilized me and they forced we to watch old episodes of Roseanne. They let me go later that day but I was too traumatized to blog. Actually I was at and army test/drill testing a missile detection system and didn't get home till almost midnight and was too tired to right down anything, nevermind anything resembling a coherent post. Spending 6 hours straight standing alone in the sand dunes will do that. My only forms of entertainment were my cellphone, which as in any good horror movie started flashing "Low Bat" after about an hour, and my iPod, that I so conveniently had forgotten to charge the night before. I had run out of Podcasts to listen to anyway though.

Yesterday I went to Gross' Tekes Hashbaa- swearing in ceremony. It was nice and I saw some old school friends I haven't seen in a while. Then I went home and vedged for most the day. At night we went out to Mikes' Place to celebrate. We being Katz, Me, Gross and Davidi in one car and Ilan H, Ren, Ele and Tali in the other. The music was too loud though and we couldn't really talk which sucked but at least the music was pretty good. We were all tired though and started to fall asleep. Made it home a bit before 3 and went to sleep.

And here I am filling you all in. Now I must go pick up my uniform form the cleaners and go for lunch.


At 5:17 PM, November 13, 2005, Blogger Talli said...

*COL about the roseanne bit. what else? I feel more like commenting about starfarers of catan. will do so...

*chuckle out loud


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