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Thursday, November 24, 2005


Today was Thanksgiving. The last Thursday of November. I've never really celebrated Thanksgiving, partly because of my identity crisis. Should I celebrate American Thanksgiving (or what people have told me- "Real Thanksgiving") or should I celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving (apparently also know as "Fake Thanksgiving" or "That-Bull-Shit-Holiday-Canadians-Made-Up-Hundreds-of-Years-After-the-Americans") While the Canadian Thanksgiving may not have any pilgrims (who doesn't like a story about pilgrims) I think the point of Thanksgiving is to remember how lucky we are and to remind ourselves not to take things for granted.

I didn't really celebrate at all. No turkey dinner for me (although I think whatever that was that I ate for lunch was turkey breast) as I at alone at home. But the spirit of the holiday was here and I was humbled by how lucky I really am, to have such great friends, family and overall just a great life.


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