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Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Tonight I ate at Katz's. Late Thanksgiving celebration with some of his extended family. It was a real Thanksgiving meal with yang [EDIT:What the hell is "yang"?! I think I meant yams], whole turkey and stuffing. It was really good. I also stayed at Katz's for the weekend and it was fun to feel young(er) again and have a sleepover.

Today I spent the day at the National Signal School also know as "Bahad Sheva"-Training Base 7. I had to do a course so that I can get my next rank (which I still won't get for about another half a year). Right now my training is at level 06 and to be a sergeant you have to be at 08. They told us (two friends also had to go) to get there for 9am to take the entrance exam for the course. In fact, they changed the way it works, and the test actually gives you the 08 certification. So I just had to do two tests (which everyone passes) and that was it.

The second I walked onto the base,however, I remembered why I hate that base so much. I had set foot on the base and already the discipline NCO was on my ass. Now this guy is not your regular hard-ass. He is know throughout the entire army. He started bitching about how I wasn't shaven, and my boots weren't polished and my belt isn't the kind allowed on this uniform. He wanted to give me a "Tofes Tluna" which could mean detention time on base but in the end he settled for just some more bitching.

While I was on base I saw Ele, who serves there, and Ilan M. who is about to start another course there. I also saw my old commanders from when I was training there. It was pretty cool and even though I hate the base (everyone who does a course there associates it with their course) I still miss the place a bit. Physically it's one of the nicer bases and I have a lot of memories there. It is one of the places I started my journey in the army, and I hope to be back several times before the journey comes to an end.


At 1:33 PM, December 09, 2005, Blogger Talli said...

yang is the opposite of yin.


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