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Friday, December 09, 2005

A Little R&R- Part II

So I have a bit more energy now so thought I would fill you in a bit about my trip and this past week.

Last Saturday night I went to see a movie in the theater with Nadiv and Gross. We saw "Lord of War". I really liked it. It had a perfect combination of violence, gore and plot. But it wasn't just an action/suspense movie. It made you think. It was shot from a cool perspective and overall I really enjoyed it. The opening scene, "The life of a bullet", as I call it was amazing and the computer animation was well done. The scene follows a bullet, from it's perspective from it's creation until being fired.

On Tuesday I saw another movie. Katz, Nadiv, Ren and I watched "Kingdom of Heaven". It was also pretty good. It was long at 2.5 hours long. The movie is about the crusades which is a subject that I don't really know that much about but I've always really liked that period of time. I think medieval weaponry is not only functional (perhaps not anymore) but art. They are amazing engineering feats and this movie had several good scenes displaying this.

Monday and Tuesday was my trip with my unit. We went up north. We first went to Zichron Yaakov and saw some of the historical sites including a cemetery. Quite boring. We then had half an hour to just hang out on the promenade there and browse some of the shops. We continued north, stopping for lunch at a park and then arriving at Rosh HaNikra. Took the cable car (which I still think is fun) down the cliff and walked around there a bit. Saw a movie about the place. The view there was really breathtaking. The movie was not. Ended the day at our hostel in Tiberias where we got settled in our rooms, showered etc. We then went to a small club where we had a BBQ and danced the night away (or something like that). They also got a magician for some reason. I'm a big fan of magic shows but this guy was horrible and had 0 showmanship. It was 20 minutes of my night I'm not getting back, but at least it was only 20 minutes.

Tuesday we went to a water plant nearby. They showed us a movie and talked to us about how water gets from the Kineret to other places in the country. I actually found it pretty interesting but the second the lights went out for the movie, my eyes were shut and my snoring was waking up others. We went to the country club in Katzrin where we ate lunch and hung out for a few hours. I swam in the pool and hung out in the hot tub. Then we got on the bus and headed home. Got off on the way to shorten my trip and ran into Limor who I haven't seen in a really long time. Talked with her on the bus ride home. It was good to catch up a bit.

That's all I have to report for now. The army is tiring me out lately and the next week is going to be pretty bad. The trip was a good way to break the routine I've gotten in and a little rest and relaxation is always needed.


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