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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Phones Are For Phools

I am the victim of technology failing me. I am a strong believer in technology. I think anything that can be done with computers should be. I think almost anything can be done with computers, and the tech way is usually easier than the old fashioned way.

Last night my precious tech failed me. I was sitting with Ren and Gross talking when I heard the sound my phone makes when it turns on. I took out my phone, because there was no reasons for this sound. A) My phone was already on and B) My phone was on silent. To my surprise my phone had reset itself completely. Everything was gone. No pictures. No SMSs. No phone numbers. Not only that, my phone also doesn't receive or make calls. So not only am I out of contact with the world, I no longer have any of my precious phone numbers, memos or pictures and doubt they are recoverable. I will only know tomorrow when the lab is open and they can fix my phone.

This same thing happened to me When I was in basic training and I was told this is a problem with the phone. This damn phone has given me nothing but problems. Tomorrow I am getting a new phone. End of story. I wish I hadn't changed service providers. Where is my precious Nokia phone. Why do I have crappy Samsung. I am distraught. I can't do anything because my phone is on my mind. The fact that I am blogging is a huge accomplishment.

I shall now go wallow in sorrow.


At 12:06 AM, December 28, 2005, Blogger Aaron said...

Ben. I thought you would be interested in this. It would make a great post on your blog. A leap second I didn't know it existed. At the end of 2005 there will be 61 seconds. you can read it in english at or or in hebrew at


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